Premises Liability Accidents

Every property owner has a responsibility to the public and to their guests to repair all hazardous conditions that could put visitors to their property at risk. When a premises liability accident occurs, the owners of a building, house, or business are responsible for dangerous and hazardous conditions that were created on their property.

Schwarz & Schwarz’s experienced trial attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for clients who have sustained significant injuries due to dangerous conditions located on various types of properties.

Our attorneys understand the importance of implementing a timely and thorough investigation following a premises liability accident to best protect client’s interests.

Premises liability accidents include:

⦁ Building or ceiling collapse
⦁ Defective stairways
⦁ Elevators and escalators
⦁ Failure to remove snow and ice
⦁ Failure to properly maintain property
⦁ Fire safety and building code violations
⦁ Negligent security
⦁ Slip and fall

The attorneys at Schwarz & Schwarz thoroughly understand the responsibilities of property owners and carefully study each case to deliver results in premises liability accidents.

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