Airport Accidents

Schwarz & Schwarz has successfully litigated matters involving accidents caused by equipment manufacturers and distributors as well as by multiple types of airport machinery, including baggage carts, belt loaders, K loaders, baggage tugs, belt systems, and jetways, as well as many other types dangerous conditions on the ramp.

Our firm’s airport story started two decades ago in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when several ramp and fleet service workers sustained amputations and severe crush injuries while hooking baggage carts to baggage tugs. Our thorough and intensive investigation of the circumstances, procedures and equipment allowed us to identify repetitive ride-through injuries, resulting in substantial financial recoveries for clients in Philadelphia and across the United States. More importantly, we were able to prevent additional injuries by showing how a simple metal block could prevent employee amputations.

Through our continued involvement and focus on airport workers’ safety, we have identified additional dangerous and unsafe airport equipment and machinery that places workers at an increased risk for injury. These discoveries have also led to substantial monetary recoveries for workers from the manufacturers and distributors of belt loaders, K loaders, belt systems, jetways, baggage carts, ladders and aircraft, as well as other types of equipment used at airports across the nation.

AIRPORT Job-Site Safety

Today, airport job-site safety and protecting the rights of airline workers is a large part of our firm’s culture. We have developed a strong relationship with labor unions and work closely with them to achieve the best possible job-site safety. As a result of our decades of expertise, we have developed the nationally recognized Airline Safety System, which has been and continues to be instrumental in improving safety for workers at airports across the nation.

Schwarz and Schwarz has extensive experience in all areas of airport safety. We have used this knowledge to secure significant results on behalf of our airport clients, and we have also been instrumental in improving the safety of belt loaders, jetways and other equipment in airports across the United States.

Throughout the past two decades, our firm has also litigated matters against 3rd-party contractors and vendors who perform a variety of airport and airline services, which have injured workers. In many instances, these contractors and 3rd-party vendors have dangerously and recklessly operated commercial vehicles and trucks, improperly loaded and packed materials, carelessly provided cleaning and snow removal services, unsafely maintained and serviced fuel farms and contractors who negligently performed other airport job-site services and functions.

Schwarz & Schwarz has recovered millions of dollars on behalf of their clients following airport accidents and airport equipment incidents.

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