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How can a Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy attorney help me

  • Our RSD lawyers will make sure you are adequately compensated for your pain and suffering, short-term medical care, long-term medical care, lost wages, and the costs of medication you need;
  • Our RSD legal team will identify expert witnesses to identify the causes of your condition and help you recover;
  • Our RSD attorneys will draft and file all court documents for you;
  • Our RSD lawyers will advocate for you in court;
  • Our RSD attorneys will vigorously litigate against the individual or the companies that caused you harm;
  • The Schwarz & Schwarz RSD attorneys will negotiate for the best settlement possible for you.

Necessary steps to winning an RSD lawsuit

Show that you have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.

Your RSD lawyer will obtain information about your accident as well as the defective or dangerous equipment, machinery, product, or workplace condition which caused your RSD injury and symptoms. Our RSD lawyers will also obtain the relevant medical records to understand the causes of your RSD injury and condition.

Prove that an accident caused your RSD.

This is not easy, but from years of experience we understand what is needed to show the connection between the accident you had and your suffering from RSD. Using your accident, background, history, and medical records, our attorneys will look to establish that your RSD as a result of your accident. Medical experts must opine that the type of accident you were in caused the injuries you suffered, or the treatment you received led to RSD.

Prove that your accident was caused by someone’s negligence.

Our RSD lawyers must identify and establish that the defendant’s negligence resulted in the dangerous or unsafe equipment, product, machinery, or workplace condition that caused your RSD. This will require an investigation, gathering witnesses, procuring accident reports, and identifying and obtaining documents showing ownership, agency, and insurance.

Show that you have Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.aShow how your RSD impacts your life.

You are in the best position to describe how your RSD limits you and your pain and suffering. Our attorneys will gather records showing your past and ongoing medical treatment and as well as the economic harm you have suffered.


The attorneys at Schwarz & Schwarz have developed a precise understanding of airport workplace environments, mechanical designs, and machinery work. Schwarz & Schwarz carefully sorts through each case to find the at-fault party and build a compelling case. It’s how we are able to deliver fair compensation, even in complicated cases, where other attorneys may fail.

Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD), also called regional pain syndrome, may be caused by trauma to the central or peripheral nervous system due to injury or treatment for an injury.

Another theory about the cause of RSD rests in the response of the sympathetic nervous system to an injury. When you are injured, your sympathetic nervous system directs your blood vessels to constrict so you don’t lose too much blood, then it tells them to open back up so that blood can reach the damaged tissue and begin to repair it. When your sympathetic nervous system turns on after an injury but doesn’t turn off, this can cause pain, swelling, and redness at the site of your injury.

Those who suffer from RSD most commonly experience chronic pain in the affected area that is much more severe than the pain caused by injury itself. RSD sufferers describe their pain as aching, burning, deep, or throbbing.

Those with RSD may also experience:

  • Disfigurement
  • Recurring infections of the skin
  • Difficulty or pain with movement
  • Muscle weakness or spasms
  • Stiff joints
  • Skin discoloration Neurological symptoms
  • Increased or decreased perspiration
  • Short-term memory problems
  • Insomnia
  • Emotional imbalance
Trauma to the nervous system may cause RSD. That trauma can be caused by an injury or by medical treatment for that injury.
RSD rarely goes away by itself. Most commonly, RSD requires ongoing pain management and surgical treatment in the most extreme circumstances, potentially including spinal cord stimulation or amputation of the injured area.
RSD can be life-threatening and require amputations in severe cases. In addition, those with chronic pain and other symptoms may experience depression or chronic anxiety. These victims may develop a dependency on pain medication and are at high risk for alcoholism or drug abuse due to the need to self-medicate.

RSD can affect your immune system, resulting in skin that is warm to the touch at the site of the injury, as well as swelling and redness.

If someone suffering from RSD is also suffering from anxiety or depression as a result of their chronic pain, this will depress the immune system as well.

Yes. Your heart beat, blood pressure and respiration are regulated and accelerated by stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system. Your RSD may be a result of dysfunction of the sympathetic nervous system, and if it is, that dysfunction may cause fluctuation of blood pressure and periods of rapid heart beat. 

RSD can be disabling, however, a diagnosis of RSD alone will not qualify you for disability benefits. If your RSD prevents you from working, that may qualify you for benefits.

RSD does not have a cure, however, the earlier you seek medical help, the more likely you are to recover from many of the symptoms of RSD.

Common treatments for RSD symptoms include:

  • Anesthetic creams
  • Antidepressants
  • Anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs)
  • Nerve blocking injections
  • Over-the-counter options like aspirin or ibuprofen
  • Physical therapy
  • Spinal cord stimulator

Our attorneys have successfully litigated matters involving unsafe airline equipment, contractors, and machinery vendors, including:

  • Baggage carts
  • Belt loaders
  • K loaders
  • Baggage tugs
  • Belt systems
  • Jetways
  • Loading docks
  • Many other types of dangerous and hazardous conditions at U.S. airports

Our RSD lawyers will help you fight for compensation for RSD

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