Daniel Schwarz Solid Hearts Foundation College Scholarship Application

At the heart of the law firm of Schwarz & Schwarz rests a deep commitment to community service. In recognition of The Solid Hearts Foundation and their immeasurable contributions to individuals and community, Schwarz & Schwarz is honored to offer an academic scholarship to union members and families of the Obie O’Brien Liberty Bell Local Lodge 1776. Schwarz & Schwarz is deeply ingrained in community service and rewards those that share in their goal of helping others.

Requirements to be Considered for the Scholarship

  • Must be an undergraduate, graduate, or trade school student enrolled for the 2020 Fall semester/term
  • Must be an active community member engaged in community service projects

Next Steps

To be considered for our scholarship please fully complete steps 1 – 3 below. Or, download the form here, scan your completed form, and email to info@schwarzlegal.com no later than August 31st, 2020

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